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Awareness, usage and dial-ability*

Research conducted by Roy Morgan in February 2006 indicated that a large percentage of Australians are already aware of Phone Words and the concept of alphanumeric dialling.

• Aware of phone word / alphanumeric dialling concept: 92%
• Have dialled a phone word: 30%


Increased response rates to advertising**

In June & July 2004, one of our members commissioned side-by-side testing of Phone Words v phone numbers in TV and radio in two Australian markets.

• On average, the ads with phone words generated nearly three times more calls than the ads with phone numbers: a 290% increase in response rates.

These result mirrored similar case studies from the USA and UK.

For full details of the Roy Morgan research, please contact a member of the Australian Phone Word Association.


*Source: Roy Morgan Research February 2006. People 14 – 54
** Source: Phone Name Marketing Australia. June – July 2004.