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Easier to remember

Quite simply, people remember words much better than they remember numbers. And when a potential customer remembers your phone word, you’re far more likely to get their call next time they’re in the market for your services. Increased response rates to advertisingCase studies in Australia have shown that using phone words in place of phone numbers can increase advertising response rates by 290%. That’s nearly three times more calls for every ad – just by switching from a phone number to a phone word. The increase in response rates is even greater when phone words are used in radio and outdoor advertising.

Lower cost of lead generation

As advertising response rates go up, the cost of generating each lead comes down. As such, phone words can save advertisers considerable amounts of money in lead generation. For instance, if you double your advertising response rate, you’re halving the cost of generating each lead.

You get the calls rather than your competitors

If a potential customer hears or sees your ad, then goes to the Yellow Pages or the internet, they may end up calling your competitor. But if they see your ad, then call your phone word – you’re guaranteed to get the call.

Better word of mouth

Think how easy it is for a customer to recommend a company’s services when they use a phone word: “Hey, I got great service from that company XYZ XYZ the other day. You should give them a call. Just dial 1300 XYZ XYZ.”

Get calls even when you’re not advertising

As consumers become increasingly aware of phone words, many will simply guess a company's phone word when they need particular goods or services. This is known as "presumptive" dialling in the USA and has been proven to generate leads and sales long after a particular ad campaign has stopped.

Brand reinforcement

Every time someone dials a phone word, they're dialling a company name, or a word that describes the goods and services they're looking to buy. As such, dialling a phone word will reinforce a brand far more than dialling a random sequence of numbers.