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Phone Words make it easier for people to call companies they want to do business with. A customer simply dials the Phone Word using the letters on their telephone keypad.

For example, 1300 FOXTEL is much easier to remember than 1300 369 835.

Advertisers in the USA have been using phone words for over 20 years.

However, until recently, the use of phone words was simply not possible for the majority of Australian marketers.

In short, the main benefits of using phone words instead of phone numbers are:

• Increased unaided awareness: People remember words much better than they remember numbers.

• Increased response rates to advertising: When people remember your phone word after seeing an ad, they’re much more likely to call.

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For any business that spends advertising dollars to generate phone calls (for enquiries, bookings, sales etc) a phone word is a highly effective marketing tool.